‘Lollipop Star’ Unique Crochet Blanket Square now Available Free*

The story of becoming a published designer

I recently published my first crochet pattern. It’s called Lollipop Star! You can download Lollipop Star, for free from my Ravelry store in 2019. Grab yours while you can! While you’re there, take a look at the wonderful projects of people who already made Lollipop Star and be inspired by their varied colour use.

If you’d like to support my work, you can by clicking here and ‘buying me a coffee.’

Like a spinning star…

The design, brings me such happiness! It’s like a giant twisty lollipop, inside a fluffy, twisting 3D multilayered star. I have made four different colour variations and each brings the pattern a new look and a new lease or life. I have an idea in the pipeline for a rainbow blanket, full of Lollipop Stars, with a matching border – so watch this space!

Cool blues

This feels like a massive achievement after a process of drafting, testing, frogging, redrafting and more testing to reach the final publishable result. The whole process took around a month from working out the shapes with hook and yarn, to producing a useable pattern.

Like a floating starfish… ambient oranges and yellows, perfect for spring

At times, I thought that this square wouldn’t make it to be made and enjoyed by others because the task of writing a pattern was so new to me and I needed a lot of support to get it right. It seemed much easier just to play about with the yarn and create a design, but it’s a completely different skill to explain this to others. Thanks to my new online friends, the voluntary testers, from the Block a Month Crochet Along group on Ravelry, I soon learned how to do this, and began navigating in what was at first like a foreign language to me.

A framed ‘Red Neon’ Lollipop Star for my colleaugue Owen

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment. What do you think of my design?

*Lollipop Star will be free to download until 31-12-19 Midnight. GMT

The original Lollipop Star I made in ‘Neon Rainbow’ colours

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