Neon Dreams completed

You may recall that my son challenged me to make him a fur lined snood, which I explained in my previous post here.

Basically he stole his sister’s pink snood so often that I said I would make him his own. Honestly, the other day it snowed, so we looked for her snood for her to wear, and he had it in his bed!

Neon dreams came true!

Robin chose neon green/yellow and I invested in some neon crafting knit yarn. It comes in 25g balls from Boyes and I used exactly 4 balls. The weight is dk and if you wish to recreate an adult size snood like this, and can’t get to Boyes, then you can buy this yarn online here, from Cottontail Crafts.

Ribbed pattern made from hdc used in different ways

Here’s how I made the ribbed pattern* on the snood:

*this is not a tried and tested pattern, but a description of what I did. You could have a go yourself though, by following the steps.

Row 1: Chain 62 +1, sc in second chain from hook, sc in next 11 stitches, hdc in next 38 stitches, SC in final 12 stitches.

Row 2: ch1 and turn, single crochet in back loop of the next twelve stitches, hdc in next 38 stitches, sc in back loop in final 12 stitches.

Row 3: ch1 and turn, sc in back loop of 12 stitches, hdc in back loop of the next 38 hdc, SC in back loop of final 12 sc.

Row 4: ch1 and turn, sc in back loop of next 12 stitches, hdc in third loop of next 38 hdc, sc in back loop of final 12 sc.

Then you just need to repeat rows 2-4 until the snood reaches the desired length. I used all but a 50cm length of yarn which I left to sew up the side seam.

A top tip for keeping this project smooth and evenly sized, is to carefully count the 12 sc on either end. When you ch1 and turn, make sure to go into the next stitch from your hook, don’t miss one out.

Photo bomb sibling

Once you get to the desire length, use a wool needle to see up the side seam. I just looped the first stitch with the stitch opposite and continued this down the side to join and I made sure to keep the sides lined up evenly.

I lined this hood with faux fur and to be honest, that was very fiddly and the snood would be just as good with a yarn feel to the inside. If you choose to make this, then when you wear it, just fold over the ribbed ends for a nice, fashionable look.

To see this project on ravelry, please click here.

Please comment if you enjoyed this post. What do you think of this project? Have your kids asked you to make them things? What have you made for your kids? Do they treasure them?


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