What is frogging?

Frogging is the term crocheters use when they talk about ripping out their work, when undoing their work. The action is to ‘rip it, rip it’ which sounds a little like ‘ribbit, ribbit’ and if you listen carefully as you rip out the stitches it makes a little ‘ribbiting’ noise too.

There is more detailed information on this topic here from Amy Solovay at The Spruce Crafts

I’ve been having no luck again with this red and charcoal piece below and on my second attempt, I need to go back to the drawing board, which in this case is to ‘frog it’ and start again. As this is all part of the design process, I can chalk it up to experience and leave it alone for a while too.

It’s a cleansing process, which takes away the disappointment of the project that went wrong and the pressure to put it right. It’s good to recycle the yarn too. Even those little balls will come in handy.

I hope it’s not too painful for you to view the following images then, as it diminishes before your very eyes,

Urgh. No. Just No. It might look interesting, but it’s not working out. Sorry.
Mid frogging. Wavy wool, like little girls plaits unravelling.
Ah, that’s better.

Hope you survived that!

Have you had to frog your work before? How did it feel?

S x


  1. Its a love hate relationship, I love the feeling and sound of ripping it out, just hate losing progress! I never knew this term for it, I like it !


    1. I know what you mean. I used to refuse to do it and muddle through but now I can tell if something just isn’t working. I’m new to designing so it’ll happen often I think. Do you design your characters?


      1. It definitely saves time to just rip it out. I do, right now I write in my notebook as I go what I’m doing each row or round (in pencil, learned that the hard way). Some talented people can draw a picture of their creation and go from there, I’m not quite there yet though. The nice thing about crochet is you can experiment and if it doesn’t work out you try again !

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      2. Yesโ˜บ I’m on a snood now and I did a few rows then frogged and started over. I admire how you can create a character row by row. Designing is new to me and Ignis very exciting watching it unfold.


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