Competition Time!

Progress… 12/02/19

Competition Time

Here we can see 4 hexagons. Sunshine hexagon, bottom left and top right, from KoernerKlaus designs, available free here, and Diego’s Flowers Hexagon, centre, by Jane Crowfoot, also available free here.
Top left and bottom right is windflower and it is from Mijo Crochet. See here. The far left and far right hexagon, pictured above, is from ‘Traditional Hexagon Motif’ from Moogly blog.

To enter my ongoing competition to win this mystery hexagon blanket, just comment on this post in WordPress. When shared on Facebook, liking the Facebook post and commenting there will also count as an entry. I’m keen to share my crochet joy with many people, so if you like and share my blog/Facebook page, then I’d really appreciate it but you don’t have to do that to enter.

A few more details… The finished blanket size will be child size or ‘lapghan’ which is perfect for adorning a chair and for keeping your legs warm while you watch TV. It’ll also be perfect for pets to claim as their preferred resting place, if you’re not careful.

I’m following a ‘Hex-along’ from my 2019 CAL Block a month group. This is a fabulous group, that you can join any time and receive 2 free block patterns per month, plus a hexagon per month – which is new for 2019.

Disclaimer: from a smoke free home but with a cat. Blanket will be steam treated before dispatch. I am happy to pay postage within the UK but will ask for contribution towards postage outside of the UK.

Winner will be chosen at random. Rules can be changed at any time.

Comments of an offensive nature will be rejected and not counted as an entry.

  1. That is so cool. Jamie will be hassling me to crochet one now.

  2. Thank you! I can’t wait to see the snood when it’s done !

  3. It definitely saves time to just rip it out. I do, right now I write in my notebook as I…

  4. Its a love hate relationship, I love the feeling and sound of ripping it out, just hate losing progress! I…

  5. I find your work inspiring. Which also made me want to learn. Ide love to learn how to do a…

  6. Can hexagon blankets be symmetrical?! Shared… I think!! xxx

  7. Hi Sarah, inspirational stuff. Do you fancy teaching me a few basics?


  1. I find your work inspiring. Which also made me want to learn. Ide love to learn how to do a hexagon as I can only ever do squares.


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